Access Control


When there is a security concern or if there is a need to restrict the entry / exit for authorized personnel as well on authorized timings, “Access Control” is proved to be an appropriate solution.

We offer vast range of Access Control solution for almost all kind of high and medium security requirements, which efficiently manages entry without hindering the busy flow.


Following are the types of doors / barriers that are commonly used:

  • Doors (Wooden / Glass / Metal à Swing / Sliding)
  • Home, Office and Factory Metal Gates (Swing / Sliding)
  • Car Barriers Gates
  • Turnstiles (Waist high / Full height)
  • Electronic Shutters, etc.

It not only provides secure management, but also records the entry & exit for all the users in the memory. This system can also be monitored / controlled remotely from any other location, whether short or long distance.

As an additional security, a digital camera can also be integrated with the system that will store the picture of the user along with access transaction. (This system can be installed with any type of Access Control).

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