Parkinglot System

We offer our customers a wide range of barrier gates ranging from high speed gates for parking applications to 12 arm gates for industrial installations. All gates have integrated electronics with the latest safety and security features.

  • Rapid G2500: high speed gate with 2.5m arm. Opening time : 2 sec.
  • G4000 : Commercial barrier gate for arm length between 3 and 4m. operation time 3 sec.
  • G6000 : Commercial barrier with arm length up to 6.5 meter. Opening/Closing time 4-5 sec.
  • G12000 : Industrial barrier for arm length up to 12m. Operation time 10 sec.

Models G4000 and G6000 are also available in stainless steel finish. Full range of accessories like : arm rest, articulated arm, hanging foot, security loops and photocells are available.


To offer a turnkey solution, we cater a wide range of accessories like loop-detectors, photocells, receivers and transmitters, card readers and many others.